30 Last-Minute Cheap And Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

October 24, 2018

Halloween is a week away, and if you are anything like us you still haven't picked a costume.

Not to worry we have a list 30 last-minute cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas that will make you a hit this Halloween.

Check out our list below:

Smart Cookie: If you have your old high school or college graduation cap and gown then we have the costume for you. Attach pictures of cookies to the front, and you are one smart cookie for how cheap and easy this costume was.

Crazy Cat Lady: Everyone knows the crazy cat lady stereotype, and it will be a hit this Halloween. Go get yourself some stuffed animal cat toys. Attached them to an old robe. Wear an old pair of glasses. Put some rollers in your hair. For maximum effect wear a pair of pajamas and slippers. 

Formal Apology: Wear your most formal outfit. Then make a sash that says "I'm Sorry" on it. 

Error 404: If you've searched the internet you've probably stumbled across a 404: page not found error. With a creative twist, it can be your next costume. Get an old white t-shirt and a sharpie. Write the phrase "Error 404: Costume Not Found" on the front, and you're done. 

Refrigerator Magnet: Find an old shoe box, spray paint it black, attach it to your back, and you're a magnet. The way this costume works is by you selling it. Every time you walk past a metal object pretend you stick to it. 

Party Animal: You're probably headed to a Halloween party this weekend, so why not be a "Party Animal"? Get yourself an outfit with animal print on it and a party hat. It's that easy. If you can find some party noisemakers they help complete the ensemble.

Tourist: You can probably find most of these items laying around the house. Fanny pack, Hawaiian shirt, binoculars, camera. But to really complete this costume you need to wear socks with sandals. 

Ghost: Why mess with a classic? White sheet, cut holes for eyes and you're done.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Sure it's a little outdated cultural reference, but if you're smart this one might not cost you a dime. Head over to your local home center and get your hands on as many grey paint chip samples that you can. Then go nuts. Make a necklace, bracelet, headband. Attach them to your shirt and your pants. It's the commitment to getting as much grey on your body as possible that really makes this costume.

Grapes: Head to the dollar store or party store for some purple balloons. Blow them up and attach them to your body. Make sure to find some fake branches or leaves to wear a hat.

Bubble Bath: Sticking with the balloon costume theme. This time find some white balloons and blow them up and attach them to an old bathrobe. Make sure to wear a shower cap and hold a loofah or shampoo.

Scarecrow: Find an old floppy hat and a flannel shirt. Then you just need some face paint to complete the scarecrow look. Also if you can find hay it will help sell the costume.

Risky Business: You have to be a little brave to pull this off since you aren't wearing pants. Button down shirt, thighty whites, and socks is all that is required for this costume. If you can find an old candlestick holder for a mic you get bonus points. Make sure you know the words to 'Old Time Rock and Roll' by Bob Seger. 

Dunkin' Donuts: Find an inflatable donut pool toy wear it and a basketball uniform. Hey, these aren't all winners. 

Unicorn: Wear white or pastels. Then look for a party hat and spray paint it white. Wear it on your forehead and congratulations you're a Unicorn.

Medusa: If you can find rubber snakes this is really going to help this costume along. If you can't you can always use gummy worms. Make sure to wear some dramatic face paint to up the scare factor

Bread Winners: Everyone's favorite brunch spot could be your next Halloween costume. Find an old medal or blue ribbon and wear it. Then hold a loaf of Bread. 

Harry Potter: Glasses, an old scarf, and face paint for a lightning bolt on your forehead, and expelliarmus you're a wizard Harry.

It's Raining Men: Find an old umbrella, get your hands on some fishing line. Print out pics of your favorite Hollywood heartthrobs and attach them to the umbrellas. If you want to put in extra effort wear your trench coat and rain boots. 

Cat: Cat ears, black face paint for whiskers and nose, black clothing. Enough said.

The 80's: Legwarmers, flashy sunglasses, neon everything, side ponytails. This one will also you require to study up on your 80's catchphrases.

Poptart: Find an old cardboard box. Paint the front to look like a frosted Poptart and you're done. Again these can't all be winners.

Identity Theft: Find some old name tags and write different names on them. Stick them all over your shirt. It's that simple.

Nerd: Wrap some white tape around your glasses. Wear a pocket protector and a bow tie. and you're done.

Hawaiian Punch: Dig that Hawaiian shirt out of the back of your closet. Track down a lei and some boxing gloves for another pun-tastic costume idea.

Holy Guacamole: Millenials put Avocado on everything so why not on their Halloween costumes. Wear a green shirt with a picture of an avocado attached to it. Then buy a halo and angel wings from the nearest Halloween store. 

Green with Envy: Bonus points on this one because it's a couple costume. One person wears a green t-shirt and the other a white t-shirt with the word envy written on it. 

Nickelback: This literally costs $.05. Glue a nickel to the back of an old shirt and you're good to go. 

Cactus: For those of you with a green thumb why not a plant-themed costume? Find a green shirt. Stick some pipe cleaners through it. And now you're a cactus. 

Pumpkin Pi: It's full-blown pumpkin season so why not lean into it with a delicious pun. Find an orange t-shirt, attach the symbol for the Greek letter pi to the front. 

There you have it 30 cheap and easy last minute Halloween costume ideas.