Hurricane Florence, North Carolina, Flooded, Streets, Neighborhood

(Photo by John Meore & Tariq Zehari/The Journal News via USA TODAY NETWORK)

A Kitten Named "Survivor" Clings To Owner's Shoulder As They Escape Hurricane Florence

September 16, 2018

Robert Simmons Jr. was among the thousands trying to seek refuge from Hurricane Florence.

His home, New Bern, North Carolina, is located near the coast and is bordered by two rivers, which means the city has been swamped with water.  Simmons wasn't alone though as he tried to escape the storm.  Reporter Andrew Carter took what will be recognized as one of the greatest photos from the storm's coverage.  He captured Simmons, along with his pet kitten, aptly named "Survivor" as they rode on a rescue boat to safety.  Survivor clung to Simmons' neck and shoulder as they rode along.

Officials say that hundreds of people have had to be pulled from high waters.  As of Saturday afternoon, however, the city said that all water rescues have been completed.