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Kentucky High School Offers Classes On Adulting For Students Looking To Learn Future Life Skills

Workshops Included Classes On Taxes, Resumes And More

December 15, 2018

No matter what generation you are from, everyone can agree on one thing; adulating is hard. This is especially true for those first entering adulthood, and while many will argue it doesn’t get much easier, one high school in Kentucky is taking the necessary steps to help teach students how to be adults. That’s why this week an “adulating conference” was held at the school to give seniors a potential leg up for entering adulthood.

Bullitt Central High School, which is south of Louisville, Kentucky, was the school behind this adulating class. In the class, students were given the chance to learn subjects such as changing a tire, cooking and other basic life skills. The idea was to give students a chance to learn things they might not learn at home, or in school. Other adulating topics discussed in the class were resumes, taxes and personal finance.

Students could choose to take up to three workshops out of 11 offered. These workshops were put together by the school, with help from a number of community partners. The idea for the adulating classes came from a Facebook post that was being passed around by parents. In it they discussed the need for classes on taxes and cooking.

Christy Hardin, who organized the adulating conference, saw the Facebook discussion and decided this was something that could only help the students. While she says some of the topics are already taught at school, she acknowledged that this could help fill the gaps in their knowledge.  As young adults struggle with the idea of adulating, classes on life skills have begun to appear across the country.

An “adulating school” in Portland, Maine, is using an online platform to help teach millennials conflict resolution, sewing, art and other topics. Between the two schools, along with a number of online sources to learn, young adults are finally being given a chance to learn about adulating, instead of being thrust into it blind. Hopefully Bullitt Central High School continues this program, and many others get on board around the country.

Via USA Today