Kenny Loggins

Photo by JC Olivera

Kenny Loggins Plans To Re- Record 'Danger Zone' As A Duet For Top Gun 2

June 7, 2018

Are you ready to take a ride to the danger zone again? 

Kenny Loggins sure is. The singer/ songwriter responsible for the hit to one of Tom Cruises biggest movies Top Gun, says he will be working with younger artists to bring new life to the song 'Danger Zone'.

Loggins ran into TMZ and mentioned that Tom Cruise definitely wants to use 'Danger Zone' in the sequel to Top Gun. "I met Tom Cruise on Fallon and I asked him that question. He said 'Of course we have to use Danger Zone.' So I'd probably do it maybe as a duet with a young act. I'd like to work with, well there's young and then there's young...we have some feelers out there. Some pretty cool rock acts. The rockers that I'm interested in are male." 

Loggins wouldn't say what artists he's interested in working with. The Top Gun soundtrack was one of the highest selling soundtracks of the 80's. Who ever Loggins decides to do Danger Zone with will probably be better than the new Ghostbusters theme featuring Missy Elliott and Fall Out Boy.