There Is Now A Halloween Costume For The Viral Fleetwood Mac Skateboarding Video

The Man In The Video, Nathan Apodaca, Recently Announced Plans To Sell Costume Based On Himself

October 14, 2020


When Nathan Apodaca first shared the video of him skateboarding and drinking cran-raspberry juice, while jamming out to Fleetwood Mac, there’s no way he could have expected this type of response. However, as his video continues to rack up views, and parody videos are made daily, Apodaca decided to take advantage of his newfound fame. He announced plans this week to sell a Halloween costume this year based on his look from the video.

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According to Apodaca, the costume will come complete with a “Steady Vibin’” sweater, a white T-shirt, some shorts, a pair of knee-high socks, a fake mustache and a temporary feather tattoo. The costumes will be available starting this week, at Of course, those looking to spend Halloween as Apodaca will have to find a skateboard and Ocean-Spray bottle on their own.

While some thought his viral fame would have faded by now, many are hoping to bring the same energy Apodaca displays in the video to Halloween. With the video being viewed over 40 million times, there should be just as much Fleetwood Mac as there is candy this year. Hopefully there aren’t too many skateboarding injuries along the way.

Via Fox News