Eddie Murphy’s ‘Coming 2 America’ Expected To Be Sold To Amazon For Streaming

Paramount Is Nearing A Deal With Amazon Studios For $125 Million

October 14, 2020

Amy Sussman / Staff

Fans have been waiting years for a sequel to the 1988 film ‘Coming To America,’ and now it appears that wait will soon be over. Paramount is reportedly nearing a deal with Amazon Studios for the rights to ‘Coming 2 America.’ The Eddie Murphy comeback is now back on track, and if everything goes as planned, the sequel will begin streaming December 18.

The deal for the long anticipated sequel from Eddie Murphy is reportedly worth roughly $125 million. However, it has not been finalized as two complex consumer marketing tie-ins with McDonalds and Crown Royal must be sorted out, along with the approval of Eddie Murphy. ‘Coming 2 America’ is yet another highly sought after project purchased by Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke, who also recently acquired the ‘Borat’ sequel and the Tom Clancy adaptation ‘Without Remorse.’

As many theaters remain closed, and release dates for films continue to change, studios have turned to on demand and streaming for new releases. Now, ‘Coming 2 America’ will do the same, as it appears Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall’s return will skip the big screen. Hopefully nothing else delays this film’s release, as fans can’t wait much longer for their return.

Via Variety