New Study Says Your Meanest Friend May Be The One That Cares The Most

The Study Found That Mean Friends’ Behavior Usually Comes From A Good Place

October 29, 2019


Everybody has that friend that they aren’t exactly sure why they are still friends with. It could be they are annoying, have different opinions, or they could just be downright mean, but have you ever wondered why you remain friends with them? It could be because of how much they care about you, as a new study shows; your meanest friend is usually the one that cares the most.

The study, published by the Association for Psychological Science, found that some friends give intentionally mean responses, not to be rude, but because they believe it is what will help the most. It is suggested in the results that the reason behind their negative behavior is that they care. The leading researcher, Belén López-Pére, explains that this behavior comes from a good place, and the intentions are to be kind.

The study was done by asking participants to imagine being in someone else’s shoes during a bad situation, and explaining how they would react in that situation. The results showed that those who emphasized more generated stronger negative feelings. However this was suggested to be due to the friend covering up hurt feelings. Just remember, next time someone says you’re being mean, just remind them it’s because how much you care.