You Can Only Pose In Front Of This Mural If You Are Verified On Twitter With 20,000 Followers

June 27, 2018
Mural, Street, Building, Painting

(Photo via Dreamstime)


There are plenty of perks of being a "social media influencer" as a career.

You can set your own hours, make tons of money just by posting online, and you can be one of the few people allowed to pose in front of a brand new mural in Los Angeles.  Yes, there is a mural in Los Angeles solely reserved for social media inlfuencers.  

If you aren't verified on Twitter, and don't have at least 20,000 followers, you can walk on by.  And don't try to sneak in for a quick pic, either.  The mural is roped off and guarded at all times by security.  

Internet sleuths believe this is all some big marketing stunt, for which nobody knows at the moment.  The account, "Like and Subscribe," associated with the mural, however, teased that answers will be revealed on July 9th.  Like and Subscribe has understandably received from backlash from the mural, but they wish people who have the means would take advantage of the opportunity rather than lament for those who aren't verified on Twitter and do not have at least 20,000 followers.  

Via People