Study Finds Women Would Rather Spend Time With Their Dog Than Significant Other

July 24, 2018
Woman, Dog, Cuddling

In a study that's a shock to absolutely no one, dog owners apparently love their dogs more than other humans, even their significant others.

A survey conducted by Purina found that half of all women that own dogs would rather spend time with their puppers than their significant others, and of more than 1,000 dog owners surveyed, 95% said they considered their dogs part of the family; the other 5% are wrong, by the way.  

Taylor Hadley from South Hadley, Mass., admitted that she would rather be with her dog, a 6-year old black lab/collie mix named Dexter, than other humans.  She said, "I like when he's laying next to me when my husband isn't here, because I feel like there's no stress.  He has no expectations of me.  He's just there and so reliable in a way that people aren't sometimes."

As a whole, humans are spending more money than ever spoiling their doggos, too.  People are spending up to $70 billion annually on their fur babies, the biggest expense, $29.88 billion, on food alone.  And even there, our dogs are treated just as good as humans.  64% of the surveyed confirmed they always ask their dog if the enjoy their food, and 40% admitted to buying their dog a birthday cake before.  Only 40%?

Still, they're our dogs, and they are so worth it!

Via NY Post