Women File Lawsuit Against The Theme Park They Broke Into And The Slide They Rode Illegally After Injuring Themselves Doing So

November 30, 2018
Giant, Colorful, Rainbow Slide

Two women filed a lawsuit because of the injuries they suffered going down a gigantic slide at an entertainment complex in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Ally Mulcahy and Jillian McGovern both filed the lawsuit against the ride's manufacturer, Broadway at the Beach, a shopping center and entertainment complex, its owners and operators, Burroughs and Chapin, and other parties after injuring themselves in an incident in April of 2017.

Following a wedding, at the time, the two women were on their way back to their hotel when they decided to stop by Broadway at the Beach.  Being that it was in the wee hours of the morning, the park was closed and the rides were shut off.  That wasn’t good enough for these ladies, however.

They claim in their lawsuit, that the park was way too easy to break into, and decided to ride the gigantic slide.  

They climbed to the top, and tried to slide back down.  Unfortunately, they would soon learn it’s just not that easy.

They also claim in their lawsuit that since there were “no employees present to instruct them, the plaintiffs were not aware that they needed to have the slide sprayed with water, nor did they know that they needed a burlap sack to safely go down the side.”

Without these precautions, the woman slid down at a “very high velocity,” and proceeded to collide with the metal barrier at the bottom.  They both sustained significant injuries, including each breaking both their ankles, both breaking their tibia, and Jillian a shattered knee plate.

The two women filed the lawsuit as soon as could, and it was quickly dismissed by the Horry County court system.  With prejudice.