Rare Painting Found In Woman’s Kitchen Sold At Auction For $26.8 Million

The Painting By Cimabue Is From The 13th Century

October 29, 2019


A French senior citizen became a millionaire over the weekend after a painting discovered in her kitchen was sold at auction for $26.8 million. The painting, which is attributed to Italian painter, Cimabue, is said to have been created in the 13th century. The 10 inches by 8 inches painting is now the most expensive medieval painting ever sold.

The masterpiece, known as “Christ Mocked,” was reportedly sold to an anonymous buyer near Chantilly, north of Paris, for 24 million Euros. The unsigned painting was expected to be sold for between $4.4 million to $6.6 million. Acteon Auction House claims the elderly woman who owned the painting will get the majority of the money.

Cimabue’s work would have most likely remained hanging on the wall in the woman’s kitchen if it wasn’t for an auctioneer inspecting the woman's house in Compiegne. The auctioneer informed her she should get the rare artwork evaluated. Thanks to Cimabue, who only has 11 known works around the world, this woman in her 90’s is now a millionaire.

Via Fox News