Woman Wins $300,000 Playing Slots While On A Conference Call With Work

August 7, 2018
Casino, Slot Machine, Woman

We know that most people on conference calls probably aren't paying 100% attention to the conference call.

We figured that they would be watching TV or just browsing the internet.  Some activity where they can loosely pay attention in case their name is mentioned during the call.  But not this New Jersey woman, no.

She was on a conference call at work, and was also playing the online slot video game Divine Fortune at the same time.  She placed her bet, and won!  A lot.  Almost $300,000.  She didn't even have to leave her office!  She was sitting at her desk playing!  She later said she "almost screamed out loud" right in the middle of the call after she won $287,945 playing the game, the largest amount that can be won playing online slots in the state.  She only had to place a $2 bet, and that netted her almost $300,000 in winnings.  

Richard Schwartz, president of the online casino’s operator, said the jackpots "prove people can win life-changing amounts online at anytime and anyplace."  

Via New York Post