Woman Waters House Plant For Two Years Without Realizing Its Made Of Plastic

The Story Has Gone Viral After The Plant’s Owner Shared The Embarrassing Realization On Facebook

March 4, 2020


House plants are a great look for a home, but they can also be a huge responsibility. Most plants need frequent care and watering, which is why many have turned to fake plants to fill their home. Sadly, for one woman she didn’t get the memo, as according to a recent Facebook post, she’s been watering the plastic plant for two years.

Caelie Wilkes was quite embarrassed when she finally realized her house plant was fake, but not too embarrassed to share the ridiculous story. “I’ve had this beautiful succulent for about two years now. I was so proud of this plant. It was full, beautiful coloring, just an overall perfect plant,” said Wilkes. She loved the plant so much; she wouldn’t allow others to water it.

However, when it came time to move the plant, Wilkes made a shocking discovery. “I go to pull it from the original plastic container it was purchased with to learn this plant was fake.” Many online have asked how she went that long without realizing the plant was fake, while others felt her pain. Still, she shared the embarrassing moment, and we thank her for that.

Via Fox News