Woman Taking Selfie Catches Man Slipping Something Into Her Drink (Video)

April 10, 2018
Music Festival, Crowd, Audience

(Photo via Dreamstime)


This is incredibly disgusting.  

A woman was enjoying her day at a music festival with some friends when she started recording a video selfie with her phone.  As she captures the scene with everybody dancing, drinking, and having a good time, and unknown man appears behind the woman and appears to drop something into her drink.  

A friend of the woman, Jaeda Sky, posted the video on Twitter writing "I’ll never understand how a dude can be so wack with no game and feel the need to be such a disgusting predator."  Luckily, the woman in the video did not consume her drink and is fine.  No word on if anything happened to the man, however the video is attracting widespread attention on social media.

You can even be holding your drink and still be roofied.  Always be careful!

Via Metro