Woman Takes Selfie From Hospital Bed To Show Eyeliner Didn't Smudge During Car Accident

April 26, 2018
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(Photo via Dreamstime)


Last June, Shelby Pagan was hit by a distracted driver after she pulled over onto the shoulder of a highway in Massachusetts.  

She was transferred to a nearby hospital where she spent the next eight hours in the emergency room.  All the hours spent lying in the hospital bed, Pagan couldn't help but notice that while the majority of her makeup was smeared, her eyeliner looked absolutely pristine.  Time for a selfie!

Pagan snapped a quick pic of her laying in the bed, neck brace and all, and posted it along with a review of the eyeliner praising it's ability to withstand the effects of a car accident.

And you know what...Shelby isn't alone!  Another woman posted a similar picture after suffering a "totally self-inflicted" bike accident, showing some equally pristine, non-smudged eyeliner while laying in a hospital bed with a neck brace.

Keep slaying, ladies!

Via Fox News