Samurai Sword Girl

Woman Slashes Boyfriend With Samurai Sword After Finding His Tinder Account

March 8, 2018

A Washington woman was arrested after allegedly slashing at her boyfriend while he slept after finding the dating app Tinder downloaded on his phone.

Emily Javier left Alex Lovell fighting for his life after what authorities are calling strictly a "jealousy based" motive.  Javier told authorities that several factors led to the alleged attack, including the app on his phone.  She also began noticing scratches on his back, but the final straw apparently came when she found a red hair in their shower drain; Javier has green hair.

Javier went and purchased a samurai sword at their local mall, grew more furious after Lovell ignored her, waited for him to fall asleep, and then repeatedly slashed him in the throat!

She told authorities, "I was trying to kill him." Ya think?!? Lovell was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and Javier was arrested by police and is being charged with first-degree attempted murder.  Her bail was set at $350,000, and she is due back in court early next week.

Via NY Post