Woman’s Attempt To Take A Photo With Her Dog Goes Horribly Wrong In The Best Way

Reddit User Casey Shared The Photo With Her Miniature Dachshund, Bosco

November 19, 2019


Anyone who owns a dog knows the struggle of getting the perfect puppy photo op. Most of the time it ends up blurry or with the dog looking nowhere near the camera, but the rare times it does work out, its pure gold. That’s what happened for one Reddit user, who shared her attempt at a photo with her dog that went wonderfully wrong.

A Reddit user names Casey recently shared a photo she took with her miniature dachshund, Bosco. While the photo is incredibly, she didn’t expect how quickly is would go viral. “Attempted to take a cute picture of me and my dog. This was the result,” Casey captioned the photo.

Since being posted, the photo has over 32,000 up votes and has gone viral on the r/funny subreddit. Bosco has also received plenty of attention, as the world now knows plenty about him, like how he also goes by Beans. Luckily for Casey, her ruined dog photo has now turned into her incredible Christmas card photo.

Via Mashable