[Video] Woman Saves Koala From Australia Wildfire Using The Shirt Off Her Back

Australia Has Been Experiences Widespread Wildfires, Effecting The Area’s Wildlife

November 21, 2019

Brook Mitchell / Stringer


Australia is currently experiencing widespread wildfires, and while many people have been devastated by the fires, the wildlife of the area has been put in serious danger. One of the more vulnerable species in Australia being effected by the wildfires are koalas. Luckily for one badly burned koala, a courageous woman rushed through the wildfire to save the Koala, using the shirt off her back.

The wildfires have already burned through 2.5 million acres in East Australia, but in New South Wales, that didn’t stop Toni Doherty form risking her life to save a koala. Video shows Doherty running through the flame sin a wooded area to save a badly burned koala. The woman is seen taking off her shirt, and using it to wrap up the koala, and put out the fire.

Doherty was able to rush the screaming koala to safety before using a water bottle to help sooth some of the animal’s burns. These wildfires have been devastating as the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has received 31 koalas due to the fire. Luckily, after receiving treatment, the koala was reunited with the woman that saved it. While that particular koala was able to escape, hopefully the wildfires are halted before more koala casualties take place.

Via Distractify