Woman Reads Fiancé’s Cheating Texts Instead Of Vows At The Altar

November 19, 2018
Bride, Cell Phone, Texting, Wedding Dress

A soon-to-be bride was spending the evening in a ritzy hotel when her phone started buzzing from across the room.

She received a text from an unknown number with a series of screenshots along with the message, "I wouldn't marry him.  Will you?"  The woman then realized that the screenshots were hundreds and hundreds of text messages between her future husband and another woman.  The texts even included selfies of the two of them.

Rather than confront her fiancé immediately and call off the ceremony, the woman thought of an ingeniously cruel way to get him back.

They went ahead with the ceremony, and came upon the point they were to read their vows to each other. In front of friends, family, and everyone else attending the wedding, the woman read each of her fiancé’s racy text messages aloud, including the ones about how his lover's body was "f****ing incredible," and wishing his "GF had half the skills you do."  She pulled no punches, and why should she have?

Needless to say, the groom had no choice but to quietly and solemnly walk out of the ceremony, no doubt with his tail between his legs.  The bride, however, wrote that being newly single, she had a "hell of a party."

You can read the bride’s entire personal essay detailing the ordeal HERE!

Via The Sun