Woman Officiates Wedding From Hospital Bed As Both She And The Bride Go Into Labor

May 28, 2018
Wedding, Rings, Hands

(Photo via Dreamstime)


Sushma Dwivedi was just hours away from giving birth to her second child when some small talk between her and the anesthesiologist revealed a pregnant couple down the hall who wished to be married before giving birth.

It just so happened that Dwivedi had recently been ordained to officiate services through the Universal Life Church.  Though she had never officiated a wedding before, what better way to start than lying from the hospital bed while going into labor?  

Brianna Doyle and Casey Walko 30 got their marriage license the day before, and thought they had a couple of weeks before the baby was due to plan a quick wedding.  Unfortunately, babies don't respect timing, so with the help of the hospital staff, a quick ceremony was thrown together.  One of the nurses wrote a poem, while other members braided the bride's hair with baby's breath, crafted a flower bouquet, and made a bowtie for the groom out of a newborn hat.  Dwivedi had already been given an epidural, however, and couldn't move her body from the waist down.  So the ceremony had to be performed in her room while she was laying in the bed.  She said, "My legs were jelly by this point.  It was a little bit of a Jabba the Hut moment where they took the automatic bed and sort of propped that up so that I could sit and officiate, and they came to me in my room."

Five hours after the wedding, Dwivedi gave birth to her second son, and Doyle and Walko's daughter arrived soon after.  Doyle wrote, "The most amazing thing I think to take away from this is how none of these people [Sushma, doctors, nurses> had to do this, they chose to do this for a complete stranger.  I am forever and eternally grateful to Sushma and the amazing nurses and doctors at Cornell."