Woman Napping In Car Wakes Up To Stranger Driving It

September 12, 2018
Woman, Napping, Sleeping, Backseat, Car

A woman driving in Myrtle Beach decided to pull over for a bit after she was feeling some of the symptoms of epilepsy.   

She pulled into the parking lot of an Angus Steakhouse in order to "sleep it off."  She turned the vehicle off, put the keys on the floorboard, and made her way to the backseat for a quick snooze.  She does not remember if she locked the car or not.

It wasn't soon after that the woman woke up to a strange woman driving her car, and a strange man sitting in the passenger seat.  She did not recognize either of the two.  Shortly after waking up, the female driver became startled, and backed the woman's vehicle into another.  The male suspect immediately bailed.  The female suspect approached the vehicle she allegedly hit, and offered money in order for the police not to be called.  When that victim refused, she too bailed.

Police are looking for both suspects.  

So for those who like to nap in your car, best make sure it's locked!

Via Myrtle Beach Online