[Video] Woman Uses Cameo Message From Mark McGrath To Break Up With Her Boyfriend

Mark McGrath Will Break Up With Your Significant Other On Cameo For $100

November 26, 2019

Frazer Harrison / Staff

There is no perfect way to break up with your significant other, but one woman may have just found the closest thing. Everyone loves celebrities, so why not have a celebrity do it for you? That’s exactly what a woman named Cheyenne did, as she used Cameo to have Mark McGrath break up with her boyfriend, Brayden.

While Mark McGrath didn’t seem too thrilled breaking up with Brayden for Cheyenne, the man is a professional and did it anyways. While McGrath later confirmed it was just a joke, the Cameo video has since gone viral, as many are now thinking about getting other celebrities to do their dirty work for them. In the video, McGrath says, “[Cheyenne> wants you to know that you mean a lot to her ... but she's having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship.”

Cameo allows fans to get celebrities to record video messages for them in exchange for money. To get Mark McGrath to record a video, it will cost $100, but that may soon be going up, as McGrath clearly wasn’t too thrilled with breaking up with Brayden. Hopefully this leads to more unfortunate news coming from the mouth of celebrities on Cameo.

Via Mashable