Woman Convinces Entire Plane To Do A Choreographed Dance To Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’

Journalist Liz Plank Shared The Now Viral Video On TikTok

November 19, 2019

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Getting people on a plane to do just about anything other than complain is a nearly impossible task. That’s why one woman who got her entire plane to do a choreographed dance to Wham’s ‘Last Christmas,’ has been deemed a travel icon.

The holiday spirit is finally here, so during a recent flight journalist Liz Plank decided to see if the rest of the plane was up for a holiday jingle. As the now viral video shows, the passengers are acting like they aren’t being filmed, before breaking into a perfectly choreographed dance to ‘Last Christmas.’ “Convinced my entire plane to do this don’t let this flop!” She wrote along with the TikTok video.

Plenty of people reacted on social media not just with joy over the video, but shock that she was able to get the entire plane to go along. Hopefully this starts a trend of viral plane dances. That’s what the holiday spirit is all about, and would definitely make George Michael proud.

Via Time