Woman Finds 30 Brown Recluse Spiders In New Home; Suggests "Burning It Down"

September 19, 2018
Brown Recluse, Spider, Wood Chips

When Nicole Photianos purchased her new Paulding County, Ga home, she did not think she would be greeted by a few venomous brown recluse spiders.

When Nicole Photianos moves into her new Paulding County, Ga home, she was greeted by 30 venomous brown recluse spiders.  Photianos contacted the previous owners, who had never experienced the spider problem before in the ten years they lived there.  Photianos believes the little guys may have congregated during the four-month period in which the home was vacant and workers were trying to solve a mold problem.

Either way, brown recluse spiders aren't exactly the greatest of surprise housemates.  A) They're spiders.  B) They bite, sometimes. C). Their bites have the potential to be incredibly dangerous.  Which is why Photianos suggested the only way to deal with this situation:  "I just say we should just burn it down."  Joking...of course.

 The University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment explains on its website what makes brown recluses so dangerous.  They explain, "Brown recluse spiders are difficult to eradicate, largely because of their secretive habits.  Virtually any dark, undisturbed area can serve as harborage, and many such places occur within buildings.  Because of this (and the potential health threat), treatment is best performed by professionals.  Although brown recluse spider bites are rare, the venom can sometimes cause serious wounds and infestations should be taken seriously.  Persons bitten by a brown recluse spider should apply ice, elevate the affected area, and seek medical attention immediately."

We would definitely let the professionals handle this mess.

Via Fox News