Woman Films Herself Quitting Her Job At Wendy’s

The Viral Video Show’s Her Quitting And Leaving Out The Drive-Thru Window

March 5, 2020

Anyone who isn’t happy with their job has dreamed of the day they finally quit. While most think about going out screaming in a blaze of glory, usually they end up leaving quietly. For one now former Wendy’s employee, that was a route she wasn’t willing to take.

Maria Kukulak went viral this week after posting a video on TikTok of her quitting her job at Wendy’s. “Hey guys, I’m gonna quit right now. It’s hard for me because I’ve worked here for a year and I actually really like it. But the managers, the new ones, are actually being really mean to me,” Kukulak says in the video. She then further explained her reasoning for leaving, including issues with the new management.

After informing her boss that she quits, Kukulak the leaves out the drive-thru window to the surprise of her boss. The video quickly went viral with over 10 million views. Luckily for Kukulak, she already had another job lined up. She says she’s much happier there, but some are already anticipating another interesting quitting video.

Via Fox News