Woman Earns An Incredible Living Making Fancy Ice Cubes

April 11, 2018
Ice Cubes, Cold, Ice

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Leslie Kirchhoff is a 26-year-old woman who recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a dream project.

Kirchhoff has been able to afford a living by designing and creating fancy ice cubes.  Called "Disco Cubes," she'll suspend herbs, vegetables, logos and the like inside orbs of ice which will keep your drinks cool and according to the New York Times, will "[evoke> the botanical paperweights of the glass artist Paul Stankard."

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Inspired by the frozen fish she saw as a child in her native Wisconsin, Kirchhoff spent four years developing her methods to make the fancy cubes before moving out west.  She converted the garage of her Los Angeles home into a studio for ice making, and her creations are sold exclusively at Silver Lake, a restaurant, market, and magazine office in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.  

To grow the popularity of Disco Cubes, Kirchhoff wants to eventually create short films starring her art pieces.  She told the New York Times, "My dream is to make a never-ending spy film where all the pieces are connected."  She is also studying about cocktail making, and hopes one day to be able to pair her ice cubes with certain drinks.  "I was recently in Asia, and they love corn. So I'm working on a corn-infused ice cube that goes with a corn coconut cocktail," she said.

Periodically, Kirchhoff will release certain collections available for sale to the public.  You can find more information and check out more of the collection of Disco Cubes at their website HERE.

Via New York Times