Woman Donates Kidney To Stranger She Just Met In A Bar Two Hours Earlier

September 26, 2018
Man, Woman, Smiling, Talking, Holding Hands, Bar

Kristin Day of Duluth, Minnesota was out one evening when she noticed a stranger at a bar had a fistula on his arm, used for administering dialysis.

The two complete strangers, having just met in that moment, struck up a conversation.  The man revealed he needed dialysis every other day due to his damaged kidneys.  Well that's when Day realized she could help.  Only having just met this complete stranger two hours prior, Day agreed to donate one of her kidneys.  She told the Duluth News Tribune, "It was just kind of crazy…We were in the right place at the right time."

Tests revealed later that luckily, she was a perfect match.  Six months almost to the day of meeting, Day was donating her kidney.  She said, "I honestly had no fear about the surgery I felt so sure about my decision.  I think that's why I didn't feel scared about it."

Other than a few days of discomfort after returning home, Day said the surgery and recovery process wasn't bad at all.  Even when her friends and family showered her with adulation, calling her a hero, she said she didn't feel it.  "It makes me feel goofy," Day said.

Via Duluth News Tribune