Woman Has Thumb Amputated After Nail Biting Habit Caused Cancer

September 7, 2018
Woman, Biting, Nails

Warning to everyone who is a habitual nail biter....you probably should stop.

Courtney Whithorn began biting her nails as a teen, with the habit becoming so severe, at one point she bit off her entire thumbnail.  The now 20-year-old noticed the skin under her thumbnail turning black.  Feeling self-conscious, she hid her thumb from her friends and family for years, but this past July, she had enough.  

She went to see a doctor, where she was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare cancer known as acral lentiginous subungual melanoma, which is believed to be linked to the "severe trauma" biting her thumbnail caused.  There were several attempts to save the digit, but it was no hope.  Courtney had to have her thumb amputated....all because she bit her nails.


Acral lentiginous subungual melanoma is a type of melanoma that appears on the palms of the hands, underneath the nails, or soles of the feet.  The disease is not always linked to sun exposure, so the cause of it isn't really known.  Doctors, however, suggest that prior trauma like cuts or injuries, from say...biting your nails, could be linked to the disease.

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Courtney began biting her nails due to constant bullying when she was younger.  Now, she wants to encourage everyone who feels bullied to step up before things go too far.  She said, "I want to share my story for people who are being bullied and people who are doing the bullying.  I hope it would make them stop doing what they’re doing or give someone the courage to speak up and get help or tell their parents what’s been happening at school.  I just wish I was as confident and as outspoken as I am now back then."

Via The Sun