Woman Chases Porch Pirate Down The Street And Shames Her Into Giving Back Stolen Package

December 27, 2018
Cardboard Box, Package, Porch, Front Door

We all saw the amazing Glitter Bomb that caught unsuspecting package thieves off guard, but it appears this method works just as well.

Renee Abeyta of Lakewood, Colorado received a notification on her phone that someone was at her front door.  When she checked outside, she saw no one.  She checked the security footage, and wouldn't you know it, some stranger swiped a package right off her front porch. 

Abeyta immediately grabbed her phone, and began chasing the thief down the street.   All while recording the interaction, Abeyta questioned the stranger, while the fleeing woman denied everything.  Abeyta practically shamed the thief into sheepishly handing over the stolen package, as she eventually did when she ran out of breath.  

Abeyta told FOX 31 Denver, “Hopefully that girl and other people don’t steal stuff because it’s Christmas and these presents are for people.”

And if the would-be package thief managed to get away, she would have only made off with a Crock-Pot cover.  Worth it going through all that trouble?

Via Fox News