Woman Accidentally Swallows Engagement Ring In Her Sleep

"I cried a lot because I would be SO MAD if I died."

September 14, 2019

Aren't engagement rings supposed to stay on your ring finger?

Apparently, Jenna Evans didn't get the memo: she says she thought she was dreaming when she accidentally swallowed hers.  She woke up in shock when she realized her engagement ring wasn't on her finger: it was in her stomach.

Jenna and her fiancé, Bobby, rushed to the local urgent care: where they took an x-ray to confirm that her ring was indeed lodged in her gut.  Doctors, fortunately, did not want "nature to take its course," and instead ordered an upper endoscopy to retrieve the ingested jewelry: which had made it to her intestines.

"At this point, I could definitely feel it in my guts, it was starting to really hurt and make us nervous," Jenna wrote in a Facebook post, "(the doctors said) don't worry its not [a] big deal, but please sign this release form just in case you die. Then I cried a lot because I would be SO MAD if I died."

The procedure was a little bumpy: Jenna said, "Apparently I don't do great with anesthesia because I came out of it hysterically crying and was totally inconsolable."

In the end, Jenna and Bobby stopped by for a bite to eat at the local In-n-Out on their way home.

Bobby gave her the ring back the next morning: as Jenna promised to never swallow it again.

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Source: MSN News