How To Give Your iPhone A Windows 95 Makeover

Horrible screeching dial-up internet sound not included.

March 2, 2019
Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY staff

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY staff

A Swedish app developer is making your iPhone party like it's 1995.

You can't run Windows 95 on your device (this is actually a good thing), but you can apply a theme that will make your phone look like it has the ancient OS.  Emil Avara has made iOS95 happen: the skin is free, but if you want the "theme pack" (with redesigned widgets and 50 icons), it will cost you $1.50.  Some of the app icons (like the App Store and Photos) have a cool Windows 95 look to them, too.  And if you notice an app that doesn't have the W95 theme, you can request it on Emil Avara's website.

Just a heads up, though: since Apple doesn't let people change the "theme" of their iPhones (yet!), you'll need to jailbreak your device first (which isn't always a good idea).  See how it looks below!

Source: iDrop News

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