Will Smith Shares "Genie Beauty Tips," Doesn't Want Kylie Jenner To Steal His Secrets

June 3, 2019
Will Smith, Aladdin, Premiere, Los Angeles, Red Carpet, Smile, 2019

(Photo By Sthanlee B. Mirador/Sipa USA)

Will Smith is scared of Kylie Jenner.

Well, in a way.

Smith recently shared some of his "top secret" beautification tips on what it took to transform into the Genie for his role in 2019's Aladdin.  The 50-year-old joked in the video, "This is my beauty tips and beauty secrets. I don’t want Kylie Jenner stealing my stuff."

Smith then went on to explain what it took to become the Genie everyday, including tutorials on a rotating brush he used to apply foundation to his head.  As he "demonstrated" the brush's technique, just watch the face of the poor makeup artist.  Hilarious!

The key to my Genie Magic? #Guyliner⁣ ⁣ --: @westbrook

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And of course, Smith's favorite makeup product he used on set?  Eyeliner!  He said, "The part I hate about not being able to play Genie [anymore> is eyeliner. I really like wearing eyeliner. You see how pretty my eyes are?"

Via People