Will Smith Goes On A Date With Sophia The Robot; Gets Friendzoned (Video)

March 30, 2018
Will Smith

(Photo by Anthony Behar)


We're all familiar with Sophia the Robot, right?  

She's a super advanced robot capable of showing over 60 different emotions along with the ability to interpret human language and emotion.  We're not saying she's not creepy as all get out, but still, it's a pretty cool advancement in technology.

Well it only makes sense that the next logical step for Sophia is dating, right, and you're not going to set her up with a toaster, right?  So what's the next best option?  Will Smith of course!  The actor went on a date with Sophia, and it was awkward to say the least.  You can see that Sophia still needs some work handling charisma.  And whenever Smith leans in for a kiss...he gets rejected.  Ouch...

Given Smith's previous history with robots, were not surprised to Sophia a little hesitant to reciprocate the kiss!  

Via People