Wild Turkeys Have Taken Over A Town In New Jersey, Terrorizing The Community

One Of The People Who Has Been Affected By The Turkey Dilemma Is MLB Player Todd Frazier

November 12, 2019


It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means plenty of families across the country will soon be enjoying turkey. However for one town in New Jersey, the turkeys seem to be fighting back as the holiday approaches. Toms River, New Jersey has reportedly been taken over by a group of wild turkeys, that are terrorizing citizens, including one known native; MLB player Todd Frazier.

It was reported this week that an adult community in New Jersey was being plagued by a gaggle of turkeys that were aggressive and attacking residents. According to the reports, up to 60 wild turkeys at the Ocean County 55-and-up community have damaged property, along with injuring residents as they attempt to shoo the gaggle away. One of those affected is professional baseball player Todd Frazier, who in a tweet claimed the turkeys “have come close to harming my family and friends, ruined my cars, trashed my yard and much more.”

While the story is humorous for many reasons, for the residents of this community, it is no laughing matter. Animal control is unable to do anything about these wild turkeys because they can't trap wildlife. Hopefully this problem gets solved soon, or thanksgiving in Toms River will never be the same.

Via USA Today