White Rock Lake Closed Because Of 1-Million Gallon Raw Sewage Spill

The City of Dallas has stopped all water activities.

June 30, 2018
Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Well, crap.

I hope you weren't planning on enjoying a leisurely sail on White Rock Lake this weekend.  Because of a massive sewage spill, the City of Dallas has halted all water activities on the lake.

According to the North Texas Municipal Water District, it all started the other night near the President George Bush Turnpike and Preston in Plano where a construction worker accidentally hit a wastewater pipe.  In the span of about 12 hours, over 1-million gallons of raw sewage leaked out of the pipe and into White Rock Creek.  The creek flows directly downstream into White Rock Lake: which is about 12 miles south.  Currently, there is no recreational activity allowed on White Rock Lake: and the dog park launch, where dogs can jump into the lake, has been temporarily closed, too.

Residents are asked to report anything unusual, like dead fish, to 3-1-1.  Officials say that human waste might dissipate in the water, but feminine hygiene products and paper won't.  They also warned that if you come in contact with any such material, to wash your clothes and bathe as soon as possible.

If there's any silver lining to this foul cloud, there's no need to worry about your drinking water: the city doesn't use White Rock Lake as a source for drinking water.

Source: WFAA 8, Dallas Observer, NBC 5 DFW

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