Weezer Troll Fans Wanting A Cover Of Toto's "Africa" By Covering "Rosanna" Instead

May 25, 2018
Rivers Cuomo, Music, Guitar, Weezer

(Photo by Ron Elkman/USA TODAY NETWORK)


For a better part of a year, the Twitter account @WeezerAfrica has had one goal, to get the band to cover the song "Toto" by Africa.  And honestly, if we had out way, it would be a requirement for any band to submit their own rendition of the song.  It's that good.

So far the results have been minimal...until recently...kind of.  Weezer did in fact record a cover of a Toto classic, but it wasn't the one everybody wanted to hear.  Weezer officially released a cover of "Rosanna," and despite it not being "Africa," fans still have to agree it sounds amazing.  It's even available for download!  So who knows, maybe one day Weezer will stop toying with out hearts, but this should satisfy for now!

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