Weezer Given Their Own Island In "Fortnite," Where Gamers Can Listen To Songs From Their New Album

March 1, 2019
Weezer, Concert, Stage, Band, Los Angeles, 2019

(Photo by Christopher Victorio/imageSPACE/SIPA USA)


Weezer has been rather busy lately.

They released The Teal Album consisting of nothing but covers, and followed that with an appearance on The Tonight Show where they performed their hit "Buddy Holly" as a barbershop quartet.  Now, they've decided to invade another platform...video games.  Specifically, the incredibly popular game Fortnite.

Within the game's "Creative Mode," the band created "Weezer World," an island dedicated to the group that Fortnite players can visit, and preview several songs from their upcoming album, The Black Album.  

Recently, Marshmello held the first-ever virtual concert in Fortnite, which drew in 10.7 million players (the most for an in-game event day) last month. There's no doubt this is becoming a new trend for artists to promote their work!

Via Engadget