Watch Out For Rattlesnakes Hiding in Your Pool Noodles!

June 26, 2018
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(Photo via Dreamstime)


It's summertime and the snakes are OUT!

Police want to warn citizens to always be wary of dark, contained spaces because snakes will most likely hide in those spots, which happen to include the little holes on either end of your pool noodles!

A family in Buckeye, Arizona came face to face with a rattlensnake that was hiding in one of their noodles!  They picked it up and carried it to the water when it popped its little rattlesnake head out of the hole.  The family wasn't attacked, but a few of its babies were still lurking in the toy.

You should not just be on the lookout for LIVE snakes either.  Some of them have been known to lay their eggs inside your pool noodles!  If you come into contact with a snake in your backyard, or anywhere really, remember to remain calm, give the snake its space, and notify your local animal control.  The worst thing you could do is panic since the snake picks up on vibrations form the ground.  If you panic and start trying to move away quickly, the snake will only become more agitated.

Check your noodles, people!

Via CBS News