Mickey Mouse, Disney, Young Boy, Child

(Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA)

Walt Disney World Commits $100 Million Donation Starting With Texas Children's Hospital

March 14, 2018

In a ceremony taking place in Houston, Walt Disney World announced their intention to donate $100 Million to hospitals all over the world, beginning with our own Texas Children's Hospital.

The Walt Disney Company wants to help reinvent the experience of children's hospitals for patients and parents alike, and announced that Texas Children's Hospital will be the first they work with.  Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger said at the ceremony, "We chose Texas Children's Hospital because they are global leaders in pediatric care as well as the largest children's hospital in the country and their dedicated healers share our commitment to support the emotional well being of young patients and their families."

Iger was also presented with a picture depicting the construction of the hospital in 1952 that was actually commissioned by Walt Disney himself!

Iger continued saying during the announcement, "We're going to use our beloved characters and renown creativity to bring our timeless stories to life in innovative ways and hopefully transform a hospital stay into a warmer, more personalized environment for each patient."

Via ABC 13