Walmart Is Bringing Driverless Grocery Delivery To Texas In 2020

The Autonomous Delivery Vehicles Will Be Tested In Houston

December 11, 2019

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever before to get the things you need without leaving your home. Now, Walmart wants to keep this trend going by adding groceries to their list of online services. The company is testing out a new pilot program in Houston where autonomous delivery vehicles will deliver groceries to select customers.

In 2020, Walmart will begin testing their new custom-built R2 electric vehicles that operate without passengers. The vehicle, made by California-based robotics company Nuro, will deliver groceries to customers who opt-in for the program. Walmart will also use Toyota Priuses powered by Nuro's self-driving software and hardware for the pilot program.  

While the program will be tested in Houston, it is unknown if any other locations will receive the new program in 2020. This news comes as Amazon continues to offer free delivery of groceries from Whole Foods. Walmart too plans to increase their grocery delivery options in 2020, but with this new program they could be taking grocery delivery to the next level.

Via Yahoo!