"Walking Dead's" Jeffrey Dean Morgan Adopts Best Friends, A Donkey And An Emu, So They Can Stay Together

December 6, 2018
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Walking Dead, Red Carpet, Season 9 Premiere, 2018

(Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia /Sipa USA)

This kind of friendship is something you'd only be able to see in a Disney movie.

A donkey named Jack and an emu named Diane (Yes, they are named after the John Mellencamp song!) became best friends after being rescued from a North Carolina farm.  Their previous owner seemingly abandoned all his animals, and these two were taken in by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.  During their time on their own, Jack and Diane became inseparable.  

Jennifer Gordon, executive director of Carolina Waterfowl, told PEOPLE, "I think Diane sees Jack as a mate since she ‘drums’ for him.  When we separated them trying to load Jack into the trailer, she was frantic.  She was drumming for him, and that’s a way that emus call to their mates. Jack is very protective of her. It’s a donkey’s natural instinct to be a livestock guardian…we are not sure if he just feels the need to protect her or if he has the same feelings towards her. They both seemed to stick really close together and they obviously don’t like to be separated."

Gordon even said the two have developed some sort of special language together.  Unfortunately, she knew Carolina Waterfowl would not be able to care for Jack and Diane long-term.  And since they became so close, it would be downright cruel to send them out to separate homes.  Enter Walking Dead star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 

Morgan expressed his interest in adopting the pair to live on his New York farm, and after finding only good information, Carolina Waterfowl rented a horse trailer and drove Jack and Diane up from North Carolina to live in a life of animal luxury.

Morgan promises to spoil Jack and Diane with "a very nice paddock with lots of green grass," and a "new heated enclosure," according to Gordon.