‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Reboot In The Works Featuring ‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padelecki

Padelecki Is Set To Take On The Titular Role Of Cordell Walker In The New Series

September 26, 2019

Dia Dipasupil / Staff

It seems the era of reboots and remakes isn’t going anywhere. If a show or movie was once popular, most likely nostalgia will bring it back at some point. However, one reboot in the works may have finally got it right, as a classic show reboot is in the works, and it is set to star an actor from another hit show. Supernatural’s Jared Padelecki is set to star as Cordell Walker in a ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ reboot.

The famous Chuck Norris show is set to return, and while there is no word yet on whether the original actor will appear, many fans are ecstatic over the news Jared Padelecki will be taking over the titular role. The show is being made for CBS TV Studios, and is currently being shopped to two networks; CBS, the original home of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ and the CW, the home of Padelecki’s show ‘Supernatural.’

It has been reported that this new series will be a straight reboot of the original show, as opposed to an original story that takes place after the events of the original show. The show will be about “a man finding his way back to his family while investigating crime in the state’s most elite unit.” Plenty of people already have opinions about the casting and the reboot in general, but based on social media reaction, this reboot already has plenty of hype.

Via Comicbook.com