[Video] Viral Robot Dog, Spot, Is Now Available For Purchase

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Went Viral Last Year In A Video Showing Spot Twerking To Bruno Mars

September 25, 2019

Dave Kotinsky / Stringer

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason, but for those that can’t own a real dog there is now a solution. Spot, the robot dog that went viral last year, is now available for purchase. Boston Dynamics has released a new video on Tuesday showing the specs of the robot dog. Spot is now being shipped to early adopters.

Spot rose to fame showing off its ability to do a number of tasks, including twerking to Bruno Mars and working with a pack of robot dogs to haul a truck. Now, spot is showing off some other practical capabilities. In the new video, Boston Dynamics shows off Spots ability to operate in rugged terrain. The robot dog has a battery life of 90 minutes, and can move up to three miles per hour.

While spot may not be the perfect canine to cuddle up with, and teach new tricks, it has plenty of capabilities such as industrial uses. “Early customers are already testing Spot to monitor construction sites, provide remote inspection at gas, oil and power installations, and in public safety,” according to Boston Dynamics. While this robot dog may not be the perfect companion like a live dog, it still will bring plenty of excitement to its owner.

Via CNet