The Viral Dancer Who Fell Off Pole Now Says She Wants To Start A New Career As A Food Critic

Genea Sky No Longer Wants To Work As A Dancer After Her Viral 15 Foot Fall

February 18, 2020


Viral fame is nice, but most of the time it doesn’t last. Those that manage to stick around are the ones who turn that viral fame into another opportunity. That’s exactly what one exotic dancer is doing, after going viral for falling 15 feet off a pole, and continuing to dance.

Genea Sky, known as the “bounce back stripper” is trying to turn her viral fame into a new career. The self-described “chicken wing connoisseur” is hoping to become a food critic, regardless of the fact that her jaw is currently wired shut. Sky said she’s looking for “people who want to offer [her> a chance to come try out their stuff and review it, or whatever.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH @wendyshow for inviting me onto to your show and allowing me to share a part of me with your audience and many other people all around the world! Thank you SO MUCH for my scholarship!!! I can’t even put my thoughts and emotions into words. Being a guest on your show was such a delightful and fun experience! I will never forget it ------ GOD IS SO AMAZING----✨ Can’t wait to share more with you guys! Stay tuned --

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Sky’s viral fall led to a fractured jaw, broken teeth and a sprained ankle and she won’t be able to eat anything for another three weeks. Still, she’s hoping for a career change after the scary incident. Sky is hoping for another break after her viral fame led her to receiving a $10,000 college scholarship check from Wendy Williams. Maybe she can use that to start her new career as a food critic.

Via Fox News