Vince Neil And Tommy Lee Are Fighting Over Who Needs Rehab More

The Fight Is Currently Holding Up A Mötley Crüe Comeback Tour

October 31, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff

With all these classic bands heading back on the road for a comeback tour, many fans may be wondering; where’s Mötley Crüe? The band, which has seen a bit of a revival in 2019 thanks to the Netflix biopic, ‘The Dirt,’ apparently has a $150 million offer from Live Nation to go back on tour. The only thing holding it up at this point is Vince Neil’s weight, and Tommy Lee’s drinking.

According to reports, Live Nation wants to put up the money for Mötley Crüe to go back on tour, under one condition; they want lead singer Vince Neil to lose 40 pounds and get treatment. Apparently this upset Neil, who believes he is not the issue, but instead Tommy Lee that needs treatment. “Tommy is furious! He won’t do it! He doesn’t think he has a drinking problem — but everybody else does!” said a source of Lee’s reaction to his bandmates opinion.

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx doesn’t see either giving in, saying he isn’t counting on bandmates to come together any time soon. Still, Sixx apparently wants to get back on the road. With the money Live Nation is offering, hopefully either Neil or Lee gives in and gets help, so the world can enjoy a Mötley Crüe tour.

Via Radar Online