[Video] Woman Goes Crazy After Refusing To Sign $80 Traffic Ticket

Police Pulled The Woman Over For A Broken Tail Light

August 1, 2019


Sometimes arguing a traffic ticket just isn’t worth it. An Oklahoma woman learned that lesson the hard way after refusing to sing for an $80 ticket. Body cam footage caught the woman screaming at the officer, before taking off in her car. Needless to say, it did not end well for her.

Debra Hamil was pulled over in Oklahoma recently for a broken tail light. When she was told by the officer the price of her ticket, she immediately got upset and refused to sign the ticket. When the police officer asked her to get out of the car, she got upset and drove away.

A brief pursuit occurred before Hamil pulled over and was approached by the officer with a gun. Hamil was eventually tasered before she was arrested. She refused medical attention, but according to officials she was eventually brought to the ER. After all of this, maybe an $80 ticket doesn’t seem so bad.

Via KOCO 5