[Video] Pizza Shop Employee Called ‘Hero’ After Saving Pizza

The Video Of Christian Alfaro Saving The Pizza Has Been Viewed Over 4 Million Times

June 7, 2019


Not all heroes where capes, sometimes they wear aprons. An employee at Toppers Pizza Place in California is being called a hero after he flawlessly saved a freshly cooked pizza from dropping on the floor. The heroic act was captured on security footage, and the video has since gone viral.

Christian Alfaro was working his shift at the California pizza shop when he walked behind a co-worker who was pulling a pizza out of the 500 degree oven. Alfaro hit his co-workers arm, causing him to lose control of the hot pie. Without missing a beat, Alfaro smoothly transitioned the pizza from his hands safely to the counter.

According to Kelsey Jonker, who runs the social media for Toppers Pizza Place, “The footage came from our security cameras, and we just thought it was funny. We definitely did not expect it to gain so many views.” The video has since been viewed over 4 million times, and has garnered thousands of likes.

Many on social media have dubbed this man a true hero for saving the pizza from touching the ground. Of course, like any hero, Alfaro has his enemies, as some have pointed out that he was the one that caused the accident. Whether Christian Alfaro is a hero or not, doesn’t matter though, what matters is the customers got their pizza with no issues.

Via Fox News