Video Captures Jimmy John's Driver Licking Customer's Drink While Making Delivery

July 25, 2019

A family just outside of Chicago decided to order out for lunch, and settled on some delicious sandwiches from Jimmy John's.

Unfortunately, when their driver arrived at their home with their order, Emily Brems' 12-year-old son noticed something unusual and disturbing on the family's Ring camera.

The delivery driver, standing on the Brems' doorstep with food and drink in hand, appeared to have put his mouth on the drink.  Brems said, "My son came upstairs 'Just so you know the delivery guy licked your drink.'"

The family did not eat their food, and immediately called the restaurant.  

Jimmy John’s franchisee, Banti Singh, said in a statement “the behavior seen in this video is not consistent with the standards we expect from our employees and we have taken appropriate action with the individual involved.  We’ve formally retrained our employees on food safety and have made it right with the customer."

While the location added that the Brems' order had been refunded, though the family says they have yet to see their money.  Brems also said she received an email stating the employee would be eligible to regain his position with the company if she gave her blessing.  She told NBC Chicago, "This should be a zero tolerance situation and to accept an employee back after something like this happens just makes me feel like it’s minimizing the severity of what happened."

Via NBC Chicago