Ice Cream Over Jewelry? Vanilla Is Now More Valuable Than Silver!

October 9, 2018
Bowl, Vanilla, Ice Cream

With the holiday season just around the corner, we know the significant other in your life would love to unwrap a nice big bowl of vanilla ice cream.

And you can say this cost more than crummy old jewelry, too!

Vanilla is now the second most expensive spice in the world, and at $600 a kilo, it even costs more than silver!  

75% of the world’s vanilla is grown on Madagascar, and after a series of storm, many of the island’s plantations were destroyed.  Vanilla is so scarce, many ice cream shops across the United Kingdom have stopped offering it as a flavor.  Vanilla is also used in perfumes, alcohols, candles, and plenty of other household items, which could take a hit as a result of the shortage.

If you desperately need a Vanilla fix don’t worry.  There’s a synthetic version called vanillin, which “extracted from wood and sometimes even petroleum.” Petroleum?  Perfect!

Via The Takeout