Vanilla Ice Among Those Quarantined On Flight After Passengers Fall Ill

September 6, 2018
Vanilla Ice, Concert, Smiling, Red

(Photo by Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)


A flight from Dubai to New York City was quarantined for hours at John F. Kennedy Airport after several passengers began falling ill.

Details were scarce, but luckily, one thankfully, we all know one of the passengers stuck on that flight for hours.  And if there was a problem, they should have called him because yo, he'll solve it.  

Robert Van Winkle, otherwise known as Vanilla Ice, chronicled the events of the quarantine on his Twitter, from the moment the plane landed and ambulances and fire rucks began surrounding the plane.  Ice tweeted, "So I just landed from Dubai and now there is like tons of ambulances and fire trucks and police all over the place."  Later, he added "apparently there is over 100 sick on the bottom floor."  It was a double-decker flight.

And because it's the internet, people could not help themselves and the jokes immediately started rolling in.

Despite Ice's estimate of 100 people sick, only 10 or so were reportedly hospitalized with illness.  There were 9 additional passengers who felt ill, but declined medical attention.  As people made their way off the plane, they were subjected to a short medical exam.  If they showed no symptoms, they were sent on their way, which included Ice.

Via AV Club